Ola Michael slams Bisa Kdei for accusing media of taking bribe not to play his songs(video)

Show business, today you’re on top, tomorrow you’re not, but Bisa Kdei believes his dimmed “starlight” might not be so usual…

Bisa Kdei was asked by a fan on social media why his latest songs ain’t taking over the airwaves like it used to some years ago.

Bisa, blamed it all on the media who apparently is sabotaging him, or so he claims.

According to him, some people who don’t want to see him doing well have paid off the media not to patronize his music any longer.

Entertainment pundit and showbiz critic Ola Michael got the wind of Bisa’s accusations and saying he wasn’t pleased will be an understatement.

In Ola’s opinion it’s very stupid on Bisa’s part to paint the entire media fraternity in Ghana of which he(Ola) is a part of with the same brush over what probably a few others are doing, if any.

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