Obinim hasn’t given me a house like he promised – Paa George

Veteran Ghanaian Kumawood actor Paa George have made known Obinim promise of giving him a car hasn’t come to fruition…


Speaking in an interview on MAX TV he did acknowledge that 2/3 of the promise have been delivered.


The 2/3 being car and cash Obinim promised him which he says was all given to him.


He added that Obinim wasn’t so happy about him(Paa George)  granting interviews about what he(Obinim) did for him some months ago.


Paa George says he’s been an active member of Obinim’s God’s Way Church and he believes Obinim’s generosity towards him was because of that.


He expressed hope in the man of God delivering on the last part of his promises like he’s done the other two.