Obinim forced me to sleep with my sister – Man shockingly reveals(video)

Bishop Daniel Obinim is not having a good year by all counts, on top of the coronavirus pandemic and the toll it’s taking on the church bringing their offertory and tithes to a halt, he’s battling another “enemy” called Kennedy Agyapong…

If you’ve been following trends lately, you will know Kennedy Agyapong is hellbent on exposing Obinim for the fraud that the former claims the latter is.

After doing his own several expose he’s given his platform and TV station NET 2 TV to others to express themselves concerning Obinim, and people have taken the bull by the horn doing so.

A former pastor and a supposed occultic grand master called “Demon Breaker” revealed he seeked help from Obinim and the kind of things told to perform by the “man of God” were nothing short of appalling.

According to him Obinim gave him the “direction” to sleep with his own sister. In carrying out the orders of Obinim he had to intoxicate his sister with alcohol and literally force himself on her, as she was not willing.

Another such unorthodox directives given to him by Obinim was to sleep with a man, and that was the final straw that broke the camels back, as he refused.

Watch as he reveals a host of things Obinim made him or wanted him to do.