Obinim caught red-handed performing a fake miracle(video)

Founder and Leader of the God’s Way Church International has been the center of controversy many times before in Ghana but nothing like the amount of scandals that has surrounded him in the month of April 2020.

Bishop Obinim has always been pointed out as one of the fake men of God in Ghana, and a video of his going viral performing a so called miracle might have just confirmed that.

In the video dated 29th September 2019, ‘Angel Obinim’ is seen standing in front of a man sitting in a wheelchair, and tells the man to tap him on the back.

He orders the man to tap him harder and harder(yh I know weird) but before he can order the man to stand up and walk like they usually do, the man stands up already and unbeknownst to Obinim who has his back turned to the man then orders him to stand up, seconds after the man is up already.

They all run and jubilate forgetting there are cameras that captured the scam and posterity that’ll judge him later, like its doing now, through the “Ghanaian twitter armada”.

watch and “judge” for yourself..

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