NPP will kill Martin Amidu just like JB and Ahmed Suale – Kevin Taylor

Biased National Democratic Congress(NDC)- sided Political commentator Kevin Ekow Taylor have accused the New Patriotic Party(NPP) of wanting to kill Martin Amidu..


According to Kevin Taylor the NPP will murder the former Special Prosecutor just like they did NPP member of parliament JB Danquah and partner of Anas, Ahmed Suale.


Even tho there haven’t been any official police report stating the NPP committed those heinous crimes, Kevin claims they did it, stating they’ll use one ”Fosu Billgates” who he termed as their killing machine


They will kill Martin Amidu the same way they killed JB Danquah and Ahmed Suale and trust me they will use the same FOSU BILLGATES to do the job because he is their killing machine.” – he posted



In the Agyapa report that has sparked so much controversy, Martin Amidu mentioned his resignation came in effect because the only protection he had left had been removed, could Ekow be unto something?