NPP lied about us cancelling students allowance – Jane Naana

Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman the vice presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) have called the NPP untruthful over accusations of cancellation of student allowance…


According to Jane Naana,  the cancelling of the allowances was because the training colleges were being upgraded to tertiary institutions.


Her rational is that university students don’t receive students allowances and so when the upgrade came, there was the need to treat them just like other tertiary institutions.


Because of that the allowance was scrapped and replaced with student loans just like other tertiary institutions and they were going to be receiving the same certificates as places like University of Winneba and UCC.


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“There were a number of people who were qualified but were at home. These people wished they would have been given the opportunity to join their colleagues in school. So we said that ok now the Training Colleges are now Colleges of Education so the Certificate Issued to them are the same as what is issued to the students of the University of Education and UCC and the do not take allowance, So we asked what was done to students in Cape Coast and Winneba and we realized they take student loans. So, what we did was to contact GETFUND and Ministry of Finance to increase the allocation for the loans so that all the schools that have been given the tertiary status will be given loans instead of the allowance


Before we introduced the loan Scheme for the Colleges of Education, we gave one-year notice that those who be enrolled in the next academic year, this is how we will be handling them. The Students Loan Trust Fund designed a programme which I was a part of and hey went to all the Colleges of Education to educate them on how to fill the forms and they combed the whole country to do this and yes, the students took the money.


Those who were taking the monies already were still taking their allowances. The second-year students did not have their allowances cancelled. They took the money till the completed their academic work. So, if any individual comes to say that we took their monies from them by cancelling the allowances, it’s shocking. Reports that we took their allowances from them are lies. The allowance for teacher trainees was not cancelled, it was replaced. We heard them using several words like allowances have been scrapped, even the media shocked me, they should have come to ask but they also helped to peddle the falsehood,” she said in her first interview on Live 107.5 in the Central Region.


She added enrollment went up to a 15,000 in that year from 9,000 after it was scrapped and the student loans introduced.


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