No one stays on top forever – Bishop Agyin Asare cautions politicians

Perez Chapel’s leader and founder Bishop Agyin Asare have addressed how politicians handle power in Ghana…


To whom much is given, much is expected and to the Bishop this statement is very true and thus have admonished politicians to do what is right with the power they’re given.


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According to the Bishop, politicians should do things that’ll progress Ghana and not regress it like they’ve been doing consistently for decades now.


Sighting such examples, he mentioned the years long sorry culture of abandoning already existing projects started by a previous government administration.


He mentioned that for example Kuffour’s affordable housing projects that was abandoned when the National Democratic Congress(NDC) took power in 2008.


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Bishop Agyin Asare also touched on the Saglame Housing Projects and well as the E Blocks that were started and completed by the erstwhile government of NDC under Mahama which have been left abandonned while students school under trees or do not school at all in some places.


He then moved unto UT Bank, UniBank and GN Bank, all Ghanaian owned banks that was brought down saying government prioritized foreign businesses over that of Ghanaian owned.


Agyin Asare concluded saying he’s not against foreign owned businesses but ours should be a priority.


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