Never learn cooking from your mother in-law – Counselor Luterodt

In Africa, when you marry, you practically marry the entire family…


Sometimes, husbands have been so used to how their mothers cook all their life and so adjusting to their wife’s style of cooking after marriage becomes a bit of a task.


In such situations mothers step in to lend a hand to wife to assist and help educate the wife on how to cook the son’s favorite dishes and it’s completely acceptable and actually brings the family closer to each other, so long as its done without malice.


Counselor Luterodt on the other hand continues with his controversial ways and believes it’s all wrong and the mother shouldn’t interfere.


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According to him, a mother shouldn’t step in and a husband should learn to like his wife’s cooking no matter what.


“As a married woman, your husband has to learn how to eat and get familiar with your style of cooking. Never allow his mother to come to the user to come and teach you how to cook his kind of meal. It is wrong!! He married you and your cooking so he must adjust and get used to your style of cooking.”



“To the married men who force their wives to go and stay with their mother in laws or sisters-in-law just to learn their style of cooking must stop. If you are a Ga and get married to a ewe, never force her to learn the Ga dishes but start getting used to her Ewe style of cooking. This is what brings unity to marriage”


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His points are not that bad, but Counselor Luterodt just have a way of saying things that just rub people the wrong way.


Checkout for yourself below…



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