NDC will cancel Free SHS if voted into power – Education Minister

The Minister of Education Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh have called on Ghanaians not to make the mistake of voting National Democratic Congress(NDC) in power…


According to the Member of Parliament for the Manhyia South Constituency, the NDC are the same people who said the Free Senior Highschool policy won’t be feasible but now have turned around to say they’ll keep it going when they take office, something he doesn’t trust.


Below is what he had to say at the inauguration ceremony of the Ghana Education Trust Fund earlier today;


“When the idea of free Senior High School started in 2008, many people misunderstood what the NPP intended to achieve,” he said.


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“They did hard work and thanks to them its very fruition. But those of the other side could do nothing that we call constructive criticism,’ he added.


“In 2012 and 2016 over 40 adverts were out to confuse Ghana over free SHS. Some said if it were possible, Nkrumah would have been the person to do it. And that is why I throw this challenge that if Nana Addo has done it, then certainly, Ghanaian should decide to vote for him again because of the freight of free SHS”


“Now what do we hear around coming to elections? We all hear those who said they will cancel free SHS saying they are going to review it. If you introduce progressively free education and someone has done SHS free for three years, and you are a political opponent wanting to come into power, the only thing you have to tell Ghanaians is to continue, and not to review it.”


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“So in my mind, I take the review of NDC to mean when they come into power they are going to cancel free SHS.”


“On a scale, voting for those who will cancel free SHS which has benefitted 1.2 million Ghanaians so that I and you will suffer in poverty and ignorance and that of the one who will maintain should be decided by Ghanaians, and I believe for none but those want to continue the free SHS,” he suggested.


“We do acknowledge, that the rise in the numbers have meant that we should build infrastructure so the numbers can be adequately catered for. Classrooms, dormitories, and all other facilities to make secondary education possible is been done thanks to GetFund.”


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