Natty Lee finally speaks on Shatta sacking militants(video)

On Thursday, Shatta Wale confirmed the termination of his militants from Shatta Movement after earlier speculations and revelations from an SM diva…


One of the people that Shatta Wale lambasted the most in his facebook live video, addressing the “firing” of the militants was Natty Lee.


Natty have finally spoken his piece on the divide between him, Captan, Adi Sef, Joint 77 and their boss Shatta Wale.


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According to Natty, they’re very greatful to Shatta Wale and they’re working on fixing their issues with him.


“We are attempting to understand our disparities, on the off chance that it works out in a good way, fine… in the event that it turns out poorly, Shatta Wale has helped us… he has attempted his best. On the off chance that it turns out poorly, we are likewise men and everyone ought to [struggle] and invest an exertion,” he said.




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