Nana Agradaa is like Jesus – KK Fosu

Highlife and RnB musician KK Fosu has made some statements many Christians will deem blasphemy…


I’d you’ve been tuning into Thunder TV lately especially on Sunday evenings, you’ll see that popular fetish priest Nana Agradaa is doing some kind of “Kennedy Agyapong pastors exposé” of her own.


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On her Talking Point tv show, they show and lambast pastors doing things not worthy of leaders of the Christian faith with her panelists.


KK Fosu paid them a visit on their 2nd of August edition of the show and likened Nana Agradaa to Jesus Christ saying she’s doing what he(Jesua) did.


He also thrilled them to some performances of his hit songs before the show drew the curtains closed.


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