Nana Aba exposed, Ghanaians demand to know how 2 cars can have same number plate(photo)

Nana Aba turned 42 last week and her birthday celebrations and gifts have become the most talked about birthday controversy…


If you have been keeping up with (you really should if you haven’t) you would recall how Nana Aba Anamoah’s birthday Range Rover gift turned out to be something else.


Apparently, the number plate on the car is actually registered to a white Nissan in January, which will make it impossible for Nana Aba to also have the same number plate( that didn’t stop her of course).


With her history of faking things to prove a point of living some kind of a luxurious lifestyle, like her infamous 2015 Old Trafford stadium photoshop incident that eventually got her fired from Tv3, it seems she haven’t learned her lesson.


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Tho we came to know about the white Nissan that actually own the number plate through some short codes, we didn’t have a photo of it until now.


A photo of the white Nissan have surfaced online placed below Nana Aba’s supposed Range Rover, where you can clearly see that indeed, they do share the same number plate.



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This photo has sent social media into a frenzy with some Ghanaians demanding to know from the Department of Vehicle License Authority(DVLA) how two cars can share the same number plate.


Others wondered if it’s even legal for two different cars to have the same number plate.


What do you think about this Nana Aba Anamoah debacle?


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