Nadia Buari finally flaunts her husband on social media(video)

For some weird and unknown reasons, actress Nadia Buari has been hiding the face of her husband from the cameras ever since they got together about two years ago.


Quite recently, during a Tik Tok duet with Nigerian comedian AY, Nadia Buari.


He nearly had a heart attack after her husband decided to come out of hiding and make his presence felt.



Well, it seems the grand day to his big unveiling is fast approaching because the actress has started showing some parts of his body online.


Earlier this morning, Nadia shared a lovely video of herself and her husband playing in their bedroom.


Even though she did a great job of hiding his face again, his back and some parts of his face was seen.



It is obvious the guy is very muscular and well-built from behind. Also, he looks very hairy!.


Watch the video of Nadia’s ‘secret’ husband below