Mzbel shades Eno Barony(video)

Mzbel for a long time was the only reigning female musician in the Ghanaian entertainment industry until things changed and others took over…


It appears she’s looking to make a comeback and have found beefs are a very effective way in the current music circles.


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She’s thrown some shots on instagram and it’s more than clear who exactly it’s aimed at.


In an instagram video, posting her rap music ‘swag’ that she released 6 years ago she captioned;


“There’s only One GODDESS at the moment! The rest of u are just Queens, Empress’ and Shattas! Stay in your lanes until u start winning real BATTLES through HELL!”


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Eno Barony calls herself the Godess of rap, and here comes Mzbel posting a rap video and saying she’s the only Godess, what do you think it mean?


Watch the video the below…



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