MzBel offers free breast milk to her customers(video)

Once upon prolific female musician MzBel have resorted to a new low or strategy in getting customers…


When the music business fell through for MzBel and her days under the spotlight was over, unlike those who came before her and wasted their money and ended up becoming paupers, MzBel was smart enough to start some businesses.


One of such business is Bela’s Pub a restaurant at Adjei Kojo in Accra and to promote it, she’s done the unthinkable.


MzBel is running a “buy one get one free” deal at her restaurant and the free is well, not exactly what one might envision when thinking about a restaurant running such a deal.


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Apparently if you order a meal, you’ll get a side of MzBel’s breast milk to go as a condiment which comes at a free price.



So you go buy or you go manage carnation milk like that?


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