MzBel encourages her young son to have sex(video)

Songstress MzBel says she wouldn’t be bothered if her son brings home a girlfriend…


Ghanaian or African parents in general are very conservative when it comes to a lot of things,  but most especially the sexuality of their children.


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You dare not bring a boy or girl home, especially with the intent of getting intimate with one another, don’t  matter your age, if you live under their roof, that must be obeyed(unless when they’re not home and you can sneak one in lol).


But things are changing, well at least in the house of MzBel, as she’s given permission to her 22 year old son to feel free to bring a girl home.


According to MzBel during a facebook live discussion with upcoming musician Iona, she knows her son Kojo is already not a virgin so there’s no point to play pretend.


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She added, (with what exact qualifications we don’t know) saying the prolong lack of sex causes mental problems.


You can catch the discussion in the video below…



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