My pastor have locked my vajayjay for 3 years – woman ‘cries’

A South African pastor have “locked” the pusśy of her girlfriend for years now, The Daily Sun reports…


You’re probably wondering, what the hell is “pusśy locking”.. Well apparently it’s what vindictive ex-lovers do to their partners when they breakup, as a way of revenge(spiritual things)


Nombeko, a 32 year old South African lady has bemoaned how she can’t have intimate relations, three years after breaking up with her pastor fck buddy.


Apparently, they were just friends with benefits and the pastor is even married while Nombeko had a boyfriend.


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After parting ways with her boyfriend, she also decided to ditch her pastor lover and have a fresh start, but he(pastor) wasn’t having any of that.


He threatened to lock her pusśy if she leaves him, something she brushed off as nonsense until she got a new boyfriend and they were about to get jiggy.


To the surprise of Nombeko and her lover, his manhood couldn’t get up to task and he later blocked Nombeko, which she thought he was the one with issues and probably felt ashamed after their embarrassing encounter.


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She got another lover sometime after and the same thing happened again when they tried to have sèx, which brought her to the sudden realization that the pastor wasn’t kidding at all.


When reporters reached out to an ex-boyfriend of Nombeko, this is what he had to say;


“I’m sorry but I really don’t buy the fact that she was locked. My d!ck gave me a sign and this means she’s nothing but bad news,”


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The pastor on the other hand was all fire and brimstone when he was called to hear his side of the story.


“If I want 100 girlfriends, I’ll do that but I don’t share!” the pastor said before ending the call.


So the next time you think of cheating, maybe think twice about it? Just maybe.


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