My life is being threatened for preaching on politics – Bishop Agyin Asare

Perez Chapel’s leader and founder Bishop Agyin Asare have opened up about threats to his life on his sermons lately,  centered around politics…


For weeks now Agyin Asare have been charging Ghanaians and politicians to do better and through it have stepped on many people’s toes, but the unperturbed Bishop continued today.


Agyin Asare believes Ghanaians should have unwavering integrity the kind that have kept him in line all these years, to run Perez Chapel with no scandals, remaining loyal to his wife and never cheating on her, to the point where she knows every code and password of his, and raising his kid with same integrity.


Continuing, he revealed people, most especially well meaning friends have called to warn him of staying as far as possible from politics for his own good.


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“many friends and loved ones in the past week, I mean well-meaning friends have called and pleaded with me to stop preaching what iam preaching on national transformation. most of them say ghana is set in a way and would not change”.


Agyin Asare added saying it has gotten so bad to the point where people who disagree with him, instead of expressing themselves appropriately decide to throw threats and insults at him.


“my amazement is whether it has come to the place in democratic Ghana where I speak and people who are not happy basically, they disagree with me and instead of they saying they disagree with me and stating their side, some of them issue threats, some of them insulted me and people are saying Charles you must be afraid”


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