Mr Drew reacts to social media trolls of his ‘Eat’ video, after it was pulled down by YouTube reported earlier today on Mr Drew’s ‘Eat’ video being blocked by YouTube after reaching over 150K views…


Social Media users can be cruel sometimes and it they no pity on Drew who’s heart had been broken already by YouTube as they descended on the musician.


Drew have reacted after he became the subject to online trolls for “stealing a song” in a tweet saying;


โ€œHerh yโ€™all Dey troll I swearโ€ .



Hey at least he’s dealing with it well,ย  and hopefully he learns his lesson since this isn’t the first time he’s been accused of stealing a song.


The song that put him in the spotlight, ‘Dw3’ was also tagged with stolen, after Kurl Songz laid claimed to it, luckily for him it didn’t come with any consequences at the time.


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