Mr Drew and Stonebwoy’s ‘Eat’ song blocked on YouTube, here’s why

Think it’s a good idea sampling people’s hardwork, sweat and tears and claiming it as your own?  Ask Mr Drew…


For years now, Ghanaian musicians have gotten away with sampling already existing, sometimes even iconic songs known by everyone and gotten away with it.


Since Everyone had been doing it and facing no consequences, Mr Drew probably thought it was a good idea to tread that path but it has quickly backfired on him.


Unfortunately for him, he didn’t rip off one of our veteran musicians who pay no mind to their legacies being sampled but took it to the shores of the Caribbean.


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The song is now nowhere to be found when you search it on YouTube


The original is POWER star, Rotimi’s “Love Riddim”, a popular single from his ‘Walk With Me’ album released in July 2019.


His record label, EMPIRE seem to have filed a copyright compliant with YouTube and the video has currently been struck down.



After years of being in the underground music scenes, Mr Drew finally got a hit with his ‘Dw3’ song that featured Sarkodie and Krymi.


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Thanks to that, doors were opened for him, bringing him to feature Stonebwoy on his ‘Eat’ song that has been removed by YouTube after passing 150K views.


Hopefully, he made something out of it before it was taken down and hopefully again, Rotimi might not take to other digital platforms to get it removed there too.


This should be a lesson for us all.


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