Most ‘Macho Men’ are impotent, says a military man

A Ghanaian military man identified as Nana Adu Boafo has asserted that a lot of the ‘macho’ men or men who the gym, particularly for bodybuilding, are impotent…


Speaking in an interview on Happy FM, the military man revealed that due to the supplements that they take in to building up their muscles, a lot of them have dead reproductive organs.




“The chemicals rather weaken them but for us the slim ones who only eat heavy foods like kokonte to supplement our exercising, our reproductive organs are strong”, he said.


The military man clarified that exercising, otherwise known as keeping fit, is different from bodybuilding, hence he is not insinuating that every man who steps foot in the gym is impotent, rather a large percentage of those who take in supplements.


“As for me, I have never taken in supplements because my mission is not to go for any bodybuilding competition “, he further stated


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