Micheal Essien reveals how he ended up at Madrid under Mourinho

Chelsea star and legend Michael Essien has finally revealed how his former boss and now Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho told him not to join Arsenal but rather join Real Madrid.


That was actually the time Essien was about leaving Chelsea where he played under Mourinho and won some titles with his former boss.


That was approximately 8 years ago where quiet a number of clubs were interested in signing Essien. Reports has it at that time that Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Milan and Arsenal were all interested in him.


Micheal disclosed that Mourinho called him on phone asking if the rumors about joining Arsenal is indeed true and guess what, Michael debunked such rumors saying it was never true but the shocker was that Mourinho ordered him never to join Arsenal.


Michael Essien: “(move to Madrid) I was preparing to play against Atlético with Chelsea when my phone rang and it was Mourinho. He asked me if I was leaving to Arsenal and I said not true, he asked me to come to him at Real Madrid. I told him I was ready.” [marca]






Source: Pinaxonline.com