Martin Amidu can’t even arrest an ant – Captain Smart

Ghana’s former Special Prosecutor Mr Martin Amidu shocked the country earlier this week, giving up his seat at the Special Prosecutor’s Office, only 3 years after appointment, blaming the government for interfering in his fight against corruption…


The subject has been on the lips of everyone since and Angel TV/FM’s morning show host, Captain Smart have waded into the matter, putting Martin Amidu on blast earlier today in the studios of Angel Broadcast Network(ABN), monitored closely by


According to him, Martin Amidu had wasted 3 years in office not being able to arrest even an ant or palm weevil.


Captain Smart says from the very beginning, Martin Amidu was clueless about his work and how to go about it resulting in his failure to make any change in curbing the corruption in Ghana.


Citing reasons why, he recalled Martin Amidu’s public outcry months ago about government appointees not handing him vital informations he needs to do his job.


Captain Smart says he’s clueless for the above mentioned because he(Martin) wields the powers of the High Court and can subpoena said appointees to get the job done rather than complain about it.


He added Martin Amidu had wasted 80 million cedis at the Special Prosecutor’s Office, resulting in futility in the fight against corruption.