Man uses stick to operate ATM because of Covid 19(video)

There have been some happenings in the world lately in the few past weeks that have put some kind of a lid on   coronavirus pandemic and how vicious it is.


Happenings like the George Floyd murder, and it’s rollercoaster of protests that followed around the world have put a damp on the publicity the virus had been receiving for months.


Coronavirus restrictions have also been eased around the world and it seems almost everyone have gone back to live “normally” but one man sure remembers.


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An unidentified man who is wary of the virus have been spotted in a video, punching in his digits with a stick.


One would think he’ll use gloves or a handkerchief but the man wanted absolutely nothing to do with the ATM or it’s keypads, except retrieving his money, so decided to keep a very good distance away from it.


The video which was shot by possibly a female judging from the voice behind it couldn’t hold her laughter as she watched and filmed the ordeal.


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Checkout the video below…



So next time you go to the bank, you might wanna carry along a thing or two like gloves, mask or possibly a stick(be sure not to be mistaken for a robber tho, or you just might end up here on a different story lol).


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