Man found still alive after being under water for 30 hours because of Beirut explosion

A man has been found miraculously still breathing after being under water for over 30 hours in Beirut…


On the 4th of August, an explosion struck the capital city of Lebanon Beirut taking many lives and injuring even much more.


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One man by name Amin al-Zahed have surprised everyone as he was found breathing despite haven been found under water for over a day.


Amin al-Zahed


The man who was a port worker was blown into the ocean after the massive explosion struck the city of Beirut.


In a virla picture, the man is seen rescued by a member of the rescue team and covered in blood.


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He was found in the Mediterranean sea 30 hours later after the explosion and was rushed to the Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut.


135 people have died and over 4500 people have also been injured, contrary to the earlier belief that it was an act of terror, it was actually a chemical explosion.


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