Man fined over 3,000 cedis for farting in front of police officer

Ever think of “letting one go” in public? Well you might wanna look behind you to see if there’s a cop behind you because in some countries it can cause you over 3,000 cedis…


Yes, you read right!  A man in Vienna has been fined by Vienna city police for actIng “provocatively and uncooperatively” with a fart.


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According to a report by the UK Guardian, the man in Austria, Vienna, was fined the sum of €500 (GHC3,248.47) for the misconduct.


Apparently the guy just stood on a park bench and released himself like he has no care in the world and the cop got more than a whiff of it.


Fortunately for him, the charge against him is one that can be appealed.


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