Maame Esi replies Afia Schwar for calling her a prostitute(+video)

If you’re in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, especially as a newbie, you might wanna be a little careful about self acclaiming titles…


A new lady who goes by the name Maame Esi have gained somewhat of an instagram popularity on the ‘Ghanaian instagram space’ for her comedy.


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She got an interview on ETV Ghana and proclaimed herself the queen of Gh comedy, a title that we all know Afia Schwarzenegger have been self acclaiming for years now(even tho she doesn’t really do comedy).



This didn’t go down too well with Afia, who dragged Maame Esi how she knows best by calling her ” a 100 cedis prostitute”.


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According to Esi, she’s sorry if she’s stepped on toes in the interview and thinks people have misunderstood her.


“I want to use this opportunity to apologise to each and everyone I offended with my recent interview. I didn’t mean to offend anybody – I think people are misquoting what I said, especially Afia Schwarzenegger,” she said in an Instagram video. “I came to meet you in this industry and I can’t discredit your work. I respect you, so I’m so sorry.”



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Maame Esi replied Afia while throwing some subtle jabs inbetween herself.


“But one thing I would like to ask from you is that, please don’t call me a prostitute because you don’t know me and I don’t know you. And besides, I’m not the one dating your ex-husband, Abrokwah acid.

“And to all my fans, I love you. I’m still the queen of comedy.” She added.


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