Liwin finally replies Funny Face(video)

Only a week ago, comic actor Funny Face out of nowhere started attacking his fellow comedians in the name of Liwin, Kalybos and his own friend ‘Bismark The Joke’..

He leveled all kinds of allegations on them, but on Kojo Nkansah Liwin specifically, he blamed for his second wife leaving him.

According to Funny, Kojo influenced his wife to turn her back on him and absconding with their daughters, but according to Liwin it isn’t so.

Liwin says he’s never spoken to the wife of Funny Face, let alone be able to influence her to leave her matrimonial home.

He added that even if he did like Funny Face claims, isn’t the wife grown enough with a mind of her own to make her decisions?.

He asked Togolese national footballer Adebayor to advice his friend on his choice of women and also told Funny Face to quit bragging with her twins because they’ve all got kids.

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