Liwin begs manager to forgive him, after fake Nigel Gaisie prophecy have been exposed

In a bid to bring some accountability and sanctity in the country, Kennedy Agyapong have been exposing charlatans and the latest to be caught up in his web of lies is Nigel Gaisie…


According to a former junior pastor of Gaisie, named Kakra, during an interview on Net 2’s Hot Seat where the exposés have been happening, he and Nigel faked some of the prophecies we all know.


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One of such shocking prophecies was one about Zack, former manager of Kojo Nkansah whom Nigel accused of plotting evil against the actor turned musician.


Tho Liwin claims he and Zack’s relationship was already on the verge of collapsing, before the prophecy and it having nothing to do with their separation, he’s apologized to Zack.


Liwin says he wants Zack back as a friend and manager and hope they can work together once again, during an interview on Kasapa FM.


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