Kweku Manu fires Liwin for being a hypocrite(video)

Friends turn foes, Kweku Manu and Liwin have been involved in a heated argument on live TV….


Liwin, has been shooting probably one of the most talked about TV series in the history of Ghanaian entertainment and it hasn’t even aired yet.


In it comprises some of Ghana’s biggest celebrities but one couldn’t help but notice among all the popular faces trending online, one key person is missing out.


Kweku Manu, a once upon a time close friend of Liwin and cast mate isn’t involved in the project and we finally know why.


Liwin, had accused Kweku Manu of not answering his calls to be a part of the “Cocoa Season” series despite several calls to him to join.


Kweku Manu fired back at Liwin telling him he was just returning the favor of him(Liwin) disregarding his calls for him to join him on his hit YouTube interview show” Aggressive Interview”.


On top of that Kweku says Liwin had also declined 2 offers for him to be in his movie so sees no point in the latter acting like the victim.


He further went on to tell Liwin to be humble because he’s a junior in the industry who came to meet others.


Watch the explosive interview in the studios of UTV United Showbiz below;