Kofi Adomah ‘leaks’ Nana Addo’s 10th National Address

Kofi Adomah of Kofi TV and now Angel Broadcast Network(ABN) have dropped some hints on what to expect on the 10th National Address from the President concerning the coronavirus pandemic on the 31st of May 2020…


According to Kofi Adomah, the president is 98% likely to lift the restrictions on social gatherings of churches, night clubs and etc.


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Here’s the full details…


He said; “According to the information reaching him, it’s highly likely, 98% ratable that President Akufo Addo will lift the restriction on all social gatherings for Churches and Mosques and any form of public gathering to begin”.

“Again, he said the President of Ghana will not open the borders now till further notice.”

“According to Kofi Adomaa Nwanwani, When the President lift the Lockdown on public gatherings, he will take 2weeks to see the rate of the spread of the disease base on the tension before he allows the SHS/JHS final years to go back to school but the President is not ready to open Schools now”.

“The President will increase the number of persons in social gathering from 25 to 50”.

“Finally, the President of Ghana will lift the ban on Restaurants, Drinking spots, chop bar and all eating centres. Kofi Adomaa Nwanwani unfolds”


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