Kidi in trouble for telling Sarkodie to shut up.

There’s this saying that goes like “the internet never forgets” and this statement have proved true, time and time again, especially in the lives of celebrity…


The latest to fall victim to this phrase is our very own Kidi, whom some people have dug some dirt on him in the past and have put itΒ  in the present to create probems for him.


In tweets dated back early 2010s, 2013 and 2014 to be precise, before Mtn hit maker, and the record deal,Β  his music career and fame, Kidi made some rather unfortunate tweets directed at Sark.


In one of the tweets when Sarkodie very first won the BET award, a tweet of his seemed to suggest bitterness and displeasure of his win.



In another of the tweets he said R2Bees would win the BET and it’d finally shut Sarkodie up with bragging to be the only Ghanaian musician to hold the title.



Obviously back then Kidi wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of Sarkodie and it’s totally OK, we all can’t be a fan of the same people, besides today they are buddies, to the point where Sark even put Kidi on his album.


We’ve all said things in the past we won’t very proud of today, let the past be in the past people.