Kennedy Agyapong reveals how Nigel Gaisie prophecies and prey on women(video)

The leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie’s cup has been full for sometime now, but Kennedy Agyapong isn’t ready to let up…


Speaking on Atinka TV in a interview, the Assin Central member of parliament opened major keys on how Nigel Gaisie conducts his so called prophecies.


Apparently, Nigel Gaisie have got his church wired with cameras that all connects to a monitor in his office, and all he has to do is sit and wait patiently for his prey to come to him.


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He surveys through the many members of his church, scanning through to see who’s the most well dressed and also came with the most luxurious cars.


He makes it a point to memorize their number plates, go out there in the pulpit and act like God told him the number plate through divine revelation, scaring his church members with some false scary prophecy that makes them bow to him…. After all if he was able to know there number plates through divine intervention, he sure can see their future too right?


He then gets close to these victims who’re mostly women and suck them dry financially while sometimes having affairs with them too.


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Kennedy also called Nigel a fool for enriching himself and leaving his mom to hustle,  selling cassava in the sun.



“His mother humbly sells cassava and plantain to keep up with life. They are eight children in the family and Nigel is the last. Because he doesn’t reason, a poor woman’s son who has made money through foul means you would have at least taken good care of your mother but no. You are even not shy that your mother even sells cassava. You will see what I will do to you,” he said.


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