Kennedy Agyapong finally reveals why he’s exposing Obinim

Kennedy Agyapong have rebutted Obinim’s threat of attacking him spiritually, daring him(Obinim) to strike him down if he really has the power to do so.

According to him he’s even heard of Obinim killing someone just using a pic but to him Obinim is nothing but a crook who preys on the ignorance and naivety of the masses to make him self rich.

“Someone told me that Bishop Obinim once killed that person’s cousin by just using a knife to stab the victim’s picture. That victim reportedly died one week after Bishop Obinim had allegedly stabbed him,” – he said

He went on to challenge Obinim to strike him down with his so called powers.

“If indeed Obinim is spiritually powerful as he claims, then I am challenging him to use his so-called spiritual powers to strike me (Kennedy Agyapong) dead so that the whole world will believe that he is powerful,” he challenged him, adding “Obinim is not powerful. If he is, then why can’t he strike me dead with his so-called supernatural powers?”

In the opinion of the Assin Central MP, Obinim have a group of people he releases to do his dirty job for him on social media by insulting but they shouldn’t bother with him because he’s quite used to it.

“I am ready for the insults and attacks from Obinim’s young pastors. For their information, I have a thick skin and no amount of insults and verbal attacks will shut me down,” he added.

In a revelation, he mentioned the person responsible for all this is the wife of Obinim, Florence stating she pissed him off

He then announced he’s going off tv for a while  saying;  “I am going off air for a while, but this doesn’t mean I have exhausted the information I have about Obinim”

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