Kennedy Agyapong explains why Nam 1 hasn’t been prosecuted(video)

The downfall of Menzgold and it’s sister body, Zylofon and their owner Nana Appiah Mensah known widely as Nam One is arguably the biggest scandal that happened in 2019.

After the fall of the gold firm, 100s of thousands if not millions had their funds locked up.

After demonstrations upon demonstrations for their money to be retrieved, it fell on death ears, neither did they get their money nor did the person responsible for it all get prosecuted for them to get the justice they deserve.

Many have been wondering why Nana Appiah Mensah is still on and about when their funds are locked, and according to the member of parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong it’s because Menzgold wasn’t regulated by the Bank of Ghana(BOG).

According to him the government would love nothing more than to prosecute Nana Appiah but can’t because he wasn’t regulated by BOG.

Here’s how he explained it all on his Net 2 television station

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