PHOTO: Kantanka starts production of smaller and affordable cars after public pressure and competition

Kantanka Automobiles have started productions of smaller sized and more affordable cars as opposed to 4×4 and SUVs…


For many years now Ghanaians have been asking Kantanka company to produce smaller cars that the average Ghanaian can afford and perhaps turn into a taxi business or for their personal transportation for most people who fall in the lower and middle class of the society.


And for many years the Kantanka company have been ignoring these calls and dwelling on extravaganza producing machinery not even feasible for daily life and those that are feasible like we said are SUVs and 4x4s that only a handful of people can afford.


Well, it appears they’ve finally decides to pay heed to the cries of Ghanaians after a photo of their workshop has surfaced with smaller cars that can be used for Taxis being produced.


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Kantanka production of smaller affordable cars


This comes after VW was endorsed by the government to set up a plant and have began the production of cars in Ghana.


Many believe the competition VW and other foreign car brands are bringing on our own soil finally forced the hands of Kantanka in producing affordable cars for the Ghanaian market.


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