Kalybos replies Funny Face all guns blazing?(video)

Kalybos have BEEN SEEN IN a video where he’s firing guns at target practice…

As you probably already know Funny Face out of nowhere started a beef last week against Liwin, Bismark The Joke and Kalybos.

While Kojo Nkansah Liwin have replied him, ‘Bismark the Joke’ and Kalybos have been pretty silent concerning the matter, that’s until now.

In a new video from Kalybos om his instagram, he’s seen firing gunshots at a target practice session with the caption “silence is golden”.

Many commentators on the video have linked it to the beef with Funny Face, suggesting this is Kalybos’s way of replying.

Could there be some truth to this? After all, action is said to speak louder than words.

watch video below…

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