John Dumelo answers fan who asked about ‘stolen V8’

Actor turned politician hopeful John Dumelo have replied a fan who asked him about the stolen V8 saga…


The never ending story about John Dumelo and the V8 that he stole, was gifted to him, was bribed with or any other way public opinion deems it have surfaced again.


A twitter user asked him if he’ll be campaigning with the V8, saying  are you touring with the stolen V8? …. And his reply with some humor was: …Yes and I just passed in front of the police station.


Background …


John Dumelo was one of the celebrities who campaigned for the erstwhile government of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) leading to the 2016 elections.


He as well as several people who were doing the campaign were given government vehicles to utilize but the vehicles became unaccounted for when the New Patriotic Party(NPP) led Nana Addo Dankwa government took office in 2017.


A task force was set up to investigate and the car was later found in a shop, getting ready to be resprayed a different color.


When asked about it John said he bought it from a car dealership called Svani, he later admitted it being given to him by former First Lady Lordina Mahama when pressure of persecution came.


Svani was a car dealership that handled dealing vehicles for the state,  the car as well as several others that was found went back to the ownership of the state.