JMJ finally speaks on Wiyaala feeling disrespected in the industry

Wiyaala complained over the weekend about how some entertainment pundits and music producer have been disrespecting her in the industry…


Well,  the latter, being the music producer Joshua Raphaelson known by most as JMJ BABY have cleared the air on the accusations.


JMJ got a lot of heat from the public after pronouncing Wiyaala pretty much irrelevant and not an A List celebrity or musician, despite having the international tag on her.


The music producer have apologized for his words haven offended her, during his time with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.


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He was quick to add that the only time he mentioned Wiyaala was when he was praising her.


“The only time I mentioned Wiyaala’s name on air was when I was giving praises to her. And you know the funny thing about the whole video? Amongst all the female artistes in Ghana, the most revered, the one that pundits don’t even say anything ugly about her is that girl. So, the energy she came out with saying that, it’s as though she’s been having a lot this but I can’t even remember a publication that disrespected Wiyaala.”


In related news, Bulldog have also spoken his piece on Wiyaala’s video calling her bitter because she’s unattractive.


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