Jane Mensah and EC are planning on rigging elections for NPP – Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor,  a National Democratic Congress(NDC) loyalist have said the Electoral Commission(EC) is planning to rig the December elections for the New Patriotic Party(NPP)…


According to Kevin, Jane Mensah, the head of the EC is an NPP loyalist who’ll do whatever it takes to keep her pay masters in power.


Biometric machines he says are designed to outright delete double registrations so he can’t fathom why a committee will be set up to clear the so called double registrations.


Kevin believes it’s an attempt to rig and cheat the NDC out of its votes in their strongholds and is unfair because of the circumstances people had to actually go through to be able to register like Covid 19.


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A mop-up exercise is starting today and will continue and end tomorrow, to give chance to people who couldn’t register all month long to finally do it at the EC officies across the country.


But according to Taylor once again, it’s an attempt to rig the elections because there’s gonna be a lot of ghost names added to the register.


This he has advises the NDC to make sure they have their men across the country at the EC offices to make sure they’re not cheated.


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