It’s not a sin to have sèx with your brother in-law – female pastor reveals

Adultery is one of the most frowned upon acts across the globe, even more so in religion, especially Christianity…


It becomes even more frowned upon if the adultery is done with a family member but according to one lady pastor we all have it wrong.


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Pastor Veronica, the founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria says there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping with your brother in-law.


Her “logic” behind this is because of the family system of Africa, which is the closeness of it all and the saying “when you marry, you marry the family too”.


According to her since the family calls the the wife “our wife“, it means the brother in-laws are at liberty of having intercourse with the wife and it ain’t a sin.


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“Your brother in law is your husband and same blood, that is the same lineage. If Something happens and you both have an affair, you have not cheated on your husband because according to African culture, you are their wife, that is why they call you ‘our wife’. except you have an affair with an outsider then you have cheated. #Pstveronica.”



Did we mention pastor Veronica in the past also claimed she has an anointed vagina? Well now you know.


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