It’s better to date a sugar daddy than ‘small boys’ – Slay Queen

A Nigerian twitter user influencer has set social media ablaze with her gutsy opinion about dating sugar daddies being better than someone of the same or similar age difference…


The twitter username @papaya_ex outlined some points as to why it’s better to get with a much older man than a young guy.


According to her, dating small boys as she terms it will only get you chicken change in comparison to dating elderly men.


In addition, she claims their older men has low sex drive but are much generous when it comes to spending on women, while the contrary is the case of young guys.


“Make I no lie, Having a sugar daddy is better than following all these small small boys that gives chicken change, people wey no dey get strength to nack like that, they go give you better Kpa ontop but all these small boys chai, they go nack you tire come give you 9k for hair,”



As per usual, the replies under her tweet were mixed but most weren’t in agreement with her sentuments.