I’m OK being unmarried – Genevieve Nnaji

In Africa, when a woman becomes of age, she’s expected to marry before she hits her 30s.  Who made these rules? No one knows, but it appears a lot of females are rising above the societal pressure and moving at their own pace.

Celebrated Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji have expressed such opinion in her recent interview when the subject regarding marriage came up.

According to the actress, her catholic faith prohibits divorce so she’s very weary of marriage and who she’ll be married to in order not to break the rules of her faith.

She continued that being married means u have to completely be in sync with your husband, learn to deal with disappointments that are surely gonna come, and learn to forgive and forget, something it appears she’s not ready for.

If i got married,it will really do me good,but staying married isn’t an easy thing.It means you are completely in dancing tune of your husband.It means you have found your soulmate because you will be able to stay a lot of disappointment that would definitely come ,but again you have to learn to forgive and forget.’!