I’m not high on weed, 4 more 4 Nana – Afia Schwar speaks on why she supports NPP

Afia Schwarzenegger have cleared the cleared the air on the stir she caused on social media, on the 2nd of August…


On the recent past Sunday, Afia Schwar shocked Ghanaians on social media after defecting to the NPP in a video.


The social media queen of controversy had been on the case of the NPP prior to and after winning the 2016 elections, lambasting the party and it’s leaders at every given opportunity.


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Because of that, she all of a sudden expressing her support for Nana Addo’s government and the NPP surprised everyone and she’s finally decided to address the subject.


Speaking on Okay FM, the youtuber said she knows she surprised many NPP members with her move but she promise she’s not under the influence of marijuana.


According to her the only motive for doing what she did is because of the future of generations to come rather than be selfish for her own personal interest.


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Afia Schwar advised Ghanaians to make informed decision when choosing leaders and vote on policies rather than political colors.


When Afia was asked if she doesn’t believe Mahama will continue the free shs, she answered perfectly by saying Ghanaian leaders have a tendency of discontinuing an already started project by previous administrations so she believes it’ll best for the originators to continue what they started.


Interestingly, gospel musician Omane Achampong have expressed similar sentiments, in support of the NPP.


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