‘I’m a Dada B’ – Reggie Rockstone confirms Shatta’s allegations

Today is Father’s Day and United TV Saturday night show,  United Showbiz is underway,  with their Father’s Day special edition…


Reggie Rockstone is a panelist on today’s show and today being Father’s Day, his relationship from childhood with his Dad came up.


According to Reggie, yes the rumors are true,  he comes from a very privileged home with a loving father,  who only wasn’t a father but also played the role of his best friend.


Reggie who had the opportunity to live in countries like the UK because of his father’s wealth, says his Dad also supported his dreams and made him who he is today.


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Father of Reggie Rockstone, Saint Osei


Reggie Rockstone is known as the founder of an entire music genre that is Hip Life,  a combination of Ghanaian traditional signature music High-Life with infusion of African American music Hip-hop and we owe it all to his father.


He continued that when he expressed interest in pursuing music, his Dad built him an entire home studio to support his dream.


Reggie’s Dad was also a very generous man according to him, who even paid the tuition and fees of random children, to the point where people he helped today comes on social media to thank Reggie Rockstone for the impact and support his Dad showed them, under his posts.


Reggie Rockstone father, Mr Saint Osei was a fashion designer.


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