I’d rather quit than apologize to McBrown – Nana Yaa Brefo

Former MultiMedia journalists Nana Yaa Brefo resigned from her job on Adom TV yesterday


Already, issues are coming up as to why her sudden decision to leave the media company and . all indications points to her phone-in interview with Nana Ama McBrown last week concerning the death of the late Bishop Bernard Nyarko.


Nana Yaa Brefo on Adom TV joined by Bernard Nyarko’s brother Isaac Darko interviewed McBrown through a phone call, after the brother called McBrown a liar about claims of checking up on the late actor.


To prove that indeed McBrown was telling the truth, Nana Yaa thought it was a good idea to ask McBrown to mention the number of Bernard Nyarko on live TV, which she refused.


Most people tagged Brefo’s conduct and question as unprofessional and apparently she was given the choice to make a public unqualified apology on live TV.


According to sources, Nana Yaa refused to apologize to McBrown saying she’ll rather quit, which eventually led to her surprising the public with her sudden resignation yesterday.