I want a man to get me pregnant – Kenyan Songstress

Kenya’s female musician Esther Akoth, aka Akothee, have expressed her wishes to becoming a mother again during this lockdown season in Kenya.

According to the musician and mother of one, she has too much time on her hands being lockdown that it’ll be useful if she could get a baby in her womb.

Not only does she wants to get pregnant but whoever will assist her with it must be willing to hit and run because she’s not ready to keep anyone around.

In a post on instagram showing a baby breastfeeding she wrote;

β€œI just want to get pregnant right now, Uwii my ovaries, I miss this feeling, because I can’t see myself traveling or performing anywhere any soon with this Corona.”

β€œCan someone come to make me pregnant (sic) then go Sorry you can’t stick around, I don’t want stress,”