I don’t smoke weed but I eat it with waakye – Fameye

Musician Fameye have disclosed he doesn’t smoke weed but he enjoys the plant in other ways…


If you’re a Ghanaian musician with dreadlocks, chances are you’re gonna get asked if you smoke when you go on an interview.


Fameye was asked if he smokes during an interview on Kantanka TV, which he denied but added he takes the plant as salad.


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According to him though he doesn’t smoke when its made into tee, or chopped as salad, he very much enjoys it with some waakye, adding that it has medicinal purposes too.


“I do not smoke but if you mix it with Waakye, I can consume it easily. I see the marijuana leaf as a green leaf when mixed with lettuce and other vegetables, “he stated.

“I cannot smoke but if mixed with tea or any food…I can take it easy,” Fameye added


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