I don’t regret exposing my body, it made me rich – Mzbel

Before Ebony, Eazzy and all the other divas past and present, there was MzBel, the original bad girl…


If you think profanity and nudity is frowned upon now, imagine the early 2000s, but MzBel didn’t care and thrived on all the nudity and controversy she could to be successful.


Recounting on her past on Happy FM’s DJ Advicer on the ‘Ayekoo After Drive’MzBel says she doesn’t regret any of her choices including exposing her body because it contributed a lot to her success.


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“My team pampered me with money. I was a ghetto girl from Jamestown but I found myself lavishing in money. My team always pushed me forward approving everything I did. My CDs and Cassettes were selling. I didn’t know how this business works. I was having fun and making money,” she said.


“I don’t regret exposing my body those days on stage. This is because I now have an experience on which to base my advice to young women . I have so much to say and so many examples.

“I am able to easily advise the young ones and I have pictures and videos to tell them about my past life and direct them on the path to go. In a way, even though I am not proud of the life I lived, I have a basis for my advice. And that is what has brought me this far,” she said further..


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