How famous pastor got the name “Apraku My Daughter”

This is a original about the origins of the famous name currently on everyone’s mouth, “Apraku My Daughter” sit back and enjoy…


As a 90s child growing up in the early 2000s, there was a famous pastor who was called Emmanuel Apraku, but hardly anyone(including myself) knew him by his actual name except what we all knew him by, “Apraku My Daughter”.


There was a soundbite usually played on MultiMedia’s Nhyira FM in Kumasi, along with other rather comical soundbites, before, in between and after their much famous evening programme dubbed “Ewiase Mu Nsem”(matters of the world) which mostly dealt with solving issues, primarily family conflicts.


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One of the soundbite they usually played was one of “Apraku My Daughter” narrating how God called him to be a pastor.


Explaining, he(Emmanuel Apraku)  in the soundbite as confident, energetic and loud as any evangelistic Ghanaian pastor you’ll find around said he was there when God shouted something along the lines of, and I quote;


Apraku My Daughter come and do the Lord’s work.


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It appears he either didn’t know daughter is used for females or it was a slip of tongue, but it was already caught on tape.


Tho social media, smart phones and common recording devices weren’t in vogue in that era, someone managed to capture him on tape, the tape spread to radio stations, especially in Kumasi, where some of the popular Twi speaking radio stations like Nhyira, Hello and others played to entertain their audience, by giving them something to laugh about.


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And that people, is how Emmanuel Apraku’s name given to him by his parents at birth got almost erased off the face of the earth and got replaced by “Apraku My Daughter”.


These days I don’t here the soundbite  being played but we’re working on getting our hands on it and will update you when we have it.


May his soul rest in peace….